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image image image image image image image image - Tools of electronic espionage eShop selling products of electronic espionage. For friends of high technology. Products pronounce their opportunities surprise!!! - Future Wireless Cardsplitter The Future Wireless Card Splitter is a device that you can use a pay card (eg a satellite box), more than one receivers. - Super FuelMax PAY MANY FOR FUEL?; HAVE GAS PROBLEM? WANT TO INCREASE HORSEPOWER OF YOUR CAR? WANT BETTER QUALITY OF FUEL? IF YES!!! - The ultimate eshop for satellite products One of the best known online stores for satellite products, which has been established in the minds of Greek users, as the absolute eshop for satellite products. - The world of gadgets. The best gadgets are here and waiting for you. The ultimate site for gadgets. - Xenon Lights - HID Xenon kit   Forget incandescent bulbs Up to 3 times more brightness than the common systems. Easy to install. Certified systems with CE - SAE - TUV - E13. PTM-Electronics Systems has xenon HID branded manufacturers, in a written factory warranty 4 years. One extra car in need! - The e-shopping therapy The cheapest e-shop in Greece. The e-shopping therapy... Hightech gadgets that count carefully selected and written by 24 months replacement warranty. - Σύστημα Εξοικονόμησης Καυσίμων Fuel Saving System - Reduce the accounts of public pay your travel costs by car up to 27%, making only one move. Get today Fuel Saver!
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PTM Electronics - Electronics - Gadgets - Accessories

Online stores of PTM Electronics are near you to provide the most reliable solutions in the field of satellite systems, car accessories, fuel systems and monitoring systems. We have the best prices along with the best service to our customers. For Wholesale please contact us. You can order your products and phone at: +30 2271078993. Delivery throughout Greece.

Founded in 1999 and operates in the field of electronics.

Our company introduces tools, electronic products, satellite products, monitoring systems, car accessories, fuel systems, gift items.

The philosophy of the company are mainly the following:
- Building a modern integrated distributor of electronic products.
- Exploring the scope of the company throughout Greece, the Balkans and worldwide.
- Maximum flexibility of all actors and the use of available forces to achieve the best service at the lowest possible cost to customers.
- The organization of a dynamic sales team that offers excellent and qualified service.
- Working with the most reliable transport companies (ACS) for the fastest possible delivery of our products to customers.
- The establishment of excellent relations and transparent cooperation with suppliers and customers.

The strict criteria and controls to select the products we import and trade, is the key factor in our success and rapid enlargement of our customers.

The practicality and safety with respect to affordability, we provide the necessary security need

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